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A warm welcome to NCPS

A Little about us as a Community Interest Company (CIC)

Our members live with pain that has lasted more than 3 months (Chronic Pain) which affects their quality of life, Mental Health, and social engagement.  We will provide a safe, non-judgmental space for them to socialise, talk open and honestly and take those first guided steps towards recovery. If Chronic pain is left unmanaged the effects and personal suffering can lead to depression, unemployment, self-harm and suicide.

We value

The key values are that this service is positive, recovery focussed, inclusive and constructive. We use these values as a compass to guide our path and tailor the support given to the individuals in a holistic approach. We pride ourselves on our service being run in an informal, fun way to encourage people from all backgrounds and educational levels to contribute, ask questions and gain understanding of what chronic pain is and how it is possible to live a positive life successful life despite pain

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Our groups

People with lived experience of chronic pain who have attended one of our groups and wish to give back to the comminty run our groups, this is to enable more and more support to be created around Northants.


They take that brave step of joining the groups and as they find they have a pupose and can dust off old skills they are able to show that change is possible, chronic pain conditions can be managed and there is opportunity and hope for the future.

 Using Pain Education, lived experience and listening skills we will encourage the attendee to focus on their own values and goals in life and use these as a motivational tool to empower them to make small changes in their health care routines which help them live a healthier life style along with the course skills.

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