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The Hub, Kettering -Open Doors Scheme

The Open Doors Scheme is a pilot scheme matching landlords struggling to find tenants for their empty properties with community groups looking for space.
In December 2018 landlords of commercial properties across England were invited to submit applications for a pilot project called Open Doors to the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government in partnership with the Meanwhile Foundation.

After some careful consideration five pilot sites have been chosen, one of which is in Kettering High Street and we have been chosen to use the space.

We are in this space every Friday from 1 pm anyone affected by chronic pain is welcome to walk in off the street and join us in the hub. We offer free hot drinks and there is always a treat to eat on the table. 

This is a social setting where we start the afternoon with a catch up around the table of what the week has had in store for us, we swap self care tips, offer emotional support and actively listen to each other. Some times we hold chronic pain life skills. Life skills is where as a group we learn different coping mechanisms based around multimodal approaches which are proven to help people with chronic pain live a better quality of life and have a more positive future. These are based around cognitive behaviour therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance commitment therapy and self care. 

There is also the opportunity to take time out away from the world and have a one two one with Lou in our cozy corner. This time will need to be pre-booked, the time is then yours to talk about anything one want to in private. I have chronic pain and I am on a similar path so can understand some of the frustrations you might be feeling. This does not mean I assume I know how you feel, your story or experience. That is yours alone and no one can know exactly how you feel as they have not walked in your shoes. I am, however, my own chronic pain expert and I meet a lot of other people who share their experience with me, I am happy to talk about anything and everything, this includes the fact that you may be feeling suicidal, have unhelpful thoughts that hold you back or you feel you are letting people down.

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