Do you feel that you would like to talk to someone who has chronic pain? 



As NCPS is run by people who have chronic pain we totally understand that this life changing condition has a direct impact on the persons mental health, We understand you may feel like you are living in a shadow of the person you used to be. Everything on the inside has changed but the outside looks the same.

We want you to know:


You are not making it up, the pain is real and can be crippling at times, but, you can live a positive life with it.

It is normal to feel that you want to give up, when you are faced with a life of that feels like never ending pain and restrictions.


it's really hard to keep motivated when you are already exhausted from the day before.

It is normal for your condition to change from hour to hour leaving you lost as to what you can achieve.

It is normal to feel trapped and scared for the future, but, we can help you break free.

it is normal to isolate yourself as you feel you don't fit in and can't keep up, but, it is not healthy and causes more problems in the long run.

It is normal to feel angry with the changes to your body and your life, you did not do anything wrong, your are not being punished.


It is normal and okay to grieve for your past life, for you as a person, for the job you once had and the life you took for granted.

This is all normal, however, if you allow it to, it will rob you of any enjoyment you could be having. One day you will turn around and realised you have lost years of your life battling the changes in your health. You will have battled so hard and become so consumed by chronic pain that when you stop and look around you will have very little left or even nothing of quality, Take a moment and ask, has this happened to you?

If it has, don't panic, its not all over, you may not feel like it, but you have the power to make a choice right now. Stay as your are or press this button. When you press this button we will know you want support

At NCPS we try to reach as many people as possible around Northants to support them. We fully understand that meetings are not for everyone for different reasons and therefore we offer a range of support choices.

One to Ones

You can book to have a chat alone with Lou by filling in the form on the contact us page.

These can take place in person, on the phone or via video link.

Call the support number from 1pm to 7pm during the week and all day at weekends, You will speak to Lou.

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