The story of NCPS

In October 2017 I was attending a meeting being held by the charity A way with pain for people who have chronic pain. There was a very low attendance and the meeting had no direction or structure.  Despite this I felt a connection and understanding with the others in the meeting who had pain. Listening to their experience made me feel less alone and isolated. I suggested to the person holding the meeting that it would be good if we gave the meeting structure and used social media to spread the word about the meetings, To which he agreed.
In January 2018 launched NCPS, I have been working hard to set up meetings to support people affected by chronic pain around Northamptonshire since then. We are now recognised by the NHS, private therapists and well-being groups for the support we give.
In April 2019, I was approached by Kat following her attendance to the Northampton evening meeting. She was keen to help me run NCPS and as she lives the other side of Northampton to me it made sense for her to develop the area she lives in. Kat is also responsible for the social media and events coordinating.

I am delighted to say that in early 2019 we were selected by the charity, the meanwhile foundation to use a space in Kettering town centre until March 2020 through their open doors project. For more information about this project please click here , We now hold a weekly meeting here on a friday.
So now you know about us, why not get in contact and let us know about you? We give you a 100% guarantee that although it will be the hardest choice you have made for a while, it will be a positive step towards gaining your life back from chronic pain, making true friends who accept you as you are and getting some support.

Click here to contact us today, right now, before you forget or change your mind.

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