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About us

People who “just got it”! 

A close friend sent me the contact information for the Northamptonshire Chronic Pain Support group that she had seen on social media, as I don’t do social media (It’s actually anti-social media IMHO) At an exceptionally low point in my life, (think of an autistic chronic pain sufferer making suicide preparations) I reached out to NCPS via text not really knowing what to expect… with hindsight, I am so glad that I did, as I encountered peer support from a group of non-judgemental people in similar positions to myself.

I found that I was no longer alone in my suffering and that I could talk about my issues with people who “just got it”! I found people I could relate to and with. I found people with knowledge and lived experience of chronic pain who also had compassion and a willingness to help others in a similar position. I was welcomed into a community of like-minded folk with massive hearts and together with the training and compassion and companionship they offered they have made such a welcomed positive difference in my pain filled life! Reach out I say, you shan’t be disappointed

How has volunteering helped you David?

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