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Would you like to spend time 1-2-1 with someone who lives with chronic pain but has also found a way to live a positive life despite the pain?

The founder of NCPS also offers this service in person (location dependant) and via video calling, this is a separate service to ncps, if you would like further details please click the link below.

Together we will work through the trauma of losing relationships, the person you used to be, and the suffering you are experiencing. We will find a way to help you take a small step that gives you back control, motivation, and a brighter future.

I have spent years studying chronic pain, Acceptance Commitment therapy, phycology, life coaching, and many more helpful practices.  I share the knowledge I have learned in our peer support groups and 121 sessions to enable you to gain tools you can start using straight away after the first session. 

Message me for more info on 1-2-1 base support by clicking below.

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