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Welcome to Northants Chronic Pain Support

If you are fed up of living in pain every day and want to try something that has proven results to help increase coping with chronic pain you are in the right place!

This service has been codesigned with the input of over 300 local people I have supported. We know it works because we are living with pain everyday and use the tools, education and values to decrease our suffering whilst increasing our social links and quality of life.

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I support anyone who lives in pain, they do not have to live in Northants as I offer online service as well. 


About Northants Chronic Pain Services

My Name is Lou, (Louise) and I have been living with chronic pain for over 35+ years, I understand the grief, impact and ripple effect that living with long term conditions have on every aspect of life. After being filled with pills and empty of hope I began searching for an answer to my forever aching body and broken soul... I am now sharing what has helped me with you to enable you to use the tools I have which have changed my life.

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